How to Help Ukrainians, a Year In

A range of organizations and causes you can support

In emails through Substack and in the recent live discussion, a number of you have asked me to send a current list of causes to back in and for Ukraine. I see that I have not done this for months, and I appreciate the reminder.

In other settings I get asked why Americans should donate to Ukraine, given that our government is supporting the Ukrainian government. This is a perfectly reasonable question. Total U.S. to Ukraine amounted to about one cent of your tax dollar last year (and some of that was loans, and much of that was payments to U.S. companies). Some people might want to do more, especially those who believe that the outcome of the war will shape the century to come. Beyond that, donating personally to specific causes can reach people directly, following our own values. In this spirit, I offer a current list, with a range of causes and organizations, starting close to my own expertise.