custom-field-list-widget.1.5.1(By Tim Berger)

This plugin creates sidebar widgets with lists of the values of [custom fields]( The listed values can be (hyper-)linked in different ways.

One possibility is to create a list of all values of a custom field, which will be groupped by their post (or page) and (hyper-)linked automatically to this post (or page).
Another possibility is that you can create a list of all unique values of a custom field and specify links as you like (or not).

In other words: This plugin allows you to create lists of one category of meta information (on each list). The custom field names and values can be used as categorizable tags and with this plugin you can create lists of tags of one category.

One example of usage could be: a list of the names of the guest of your podcast episodes. Or if you write about books then you can have e.g. a list of the authors and as sub list elements the titles of the books linked to the posts containing the recension.

This plugin supports multiple widgets (You can have more than one list at the same time in one sidebar.) and uses the jQuery framework (which is delivered with WP automatically) to make the hide and show effects e.g. of a parted list (if the browser of a visiter of your does not allow or support Javascript the full list will be visible).