Death of Marilyn Monroe / Simulation Hypothesis

Thursday – August 4 2022
George Noory
Mark Shaw, Rizwan Virk

First Half: On the 60th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, investigative reporter Mark Shaw will discuss the new evidence in his forthcoming book, “Fighting for Justice” about why and how she died at the hands of powerful men, as well as pay tribute to the iconic movie star.

Second Half: Successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, video game pioneer, bestselling author, and indie film producer Rizwan “Riz” Virk is the founder of Play Labs@ MIT, and Bayview Labs, a Silicon Valley investment fund. He’ll speak about the Simulation Hypothesis – the idea that our physical reality, far from being a solid physical universe, is part of an increasingly sophisticated video game-like simulation, consisting of pixels with its own internal clock.

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