Elevating the Spirit / Alien Contact

Wednesday – August 3 2022
George Noory
Jason Shurka, Sherry Anshara

First Half: Author, producer, and founder of, a social media platform, Jason Shurka, focuses on educating the world and raising the collective consciousness. He’ll discuss his latest work on disclosure and how to escape the encroaching spiritual enslavement over mankind by the “globalist agenda.”

Second Half: Sherry Anshara was involved in an accident, helping a drunk woman, and ended up 15 feet underwater in Connecticut. There she left her body, and after a near-death experience, her life completely changed, and she lost everything. Anshara will discuss her contact with aliens, why she believes DNA is alien, and what alien implants really are.

The final half-hour featured audio from a past interview with legendary paranormal author and investigator Brad Steiger.

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